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Padded Shorts Decision, Bonanza, and Motivation

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After my post about being indecisive about riding with padded shorts, I purchased a pair of Andaimopadded underwear and a pair of Nashbar padded shorts. The past couple of weeks have been spent comparing riding with and without. I am definitely more comfortable in the saddle with some padding. The underwear is great to wear with my running shorts and tights but I actually prefer wearing the padded shorts. As much as I ride, though, two pairs are just not enough. Plus, even though summer just started here, cooler weather isn’t that far off so I also need padded tights that will keep me warm.
In the midst of contemplating (and agonizing over) the expense of adding a couple more pairs of padded shorts and padded tights, I stumbled across a cache of old shorts and tights from my road bike days in a dresser. This was seriously like finding a wad of money in a pair of long forgotten jeans. With three pairs each of shorts and tights, I’m pretty much covered. The glitch, they’re one size smaller than I’m wearing now. They fit… but just.
So, no time like the present to work on losing the 10lbs I’m always complaining about. As much as I dislike being focused on my weight, the truth is I am and I’ll be happier and feel better if I shed a little. My newfound older gear is the perfect motivator to start writing down everything I eat, counting calories, and gaining more control over my eating, with “control” being the operative word.
With decision comes progress.

Author: d2

I ride because it's fun. It's also healthy, good for the environment, and my gas budget but if it wasn’t fun, none of that would matter. It's what gets me on my bike almost every day, even when I'm tired, not feeling my best, or just not in the mood. No other form of "exercise" has equaled it. I used to love to run but I was injury-prone and couldn't do it every day. I certainly couldn't jog down to the store and come home with dinner. Walking is okay but definitely falls around midpoint on the fun scale. I enjoy it, especially when I'm walking with a friend, but am not exhilarated by it. So I ride.

One thought on “Padded Shorts Decision, Bonanza, and Motivation

  1. Yay for the find! I don't have tights but when I ride to work on very cold mornings I wear very long leggins. I don't wear my bike clothing to work.

    Happy Tuesday!

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