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In case you were wonderAgony of Defeating (I know it was one of the foremost questions on your mind), I’m not watching the Tour de France (TdF) this year. I know it’s like the biggest thing ever in cycling and I can appreciate the athletic-ness that it takes to compete in the race, doping notwithstanding. But I just can’t get into it. First of all, I’d rather be out riding my own bike than watching other people ride theirs on TV. Secondly, bicycle races don’t do much for me in general. Fast is not my thing so for me it’s not how fast you go, it’s just about the going. Plus watching that many riders all bunched up in a group makes me twitchy because I’m absolutely convinced there’s going to be a big agony of defeat at some point in the race with a big pile of bodies and bikes being the end result. Who wants to see that?

I’m not much of a group rider anyway even in the days when I was a sort of roadie. Its not that I’m antisocial, it’s just that I’ve never had much luck with them. The very first group ride I went on, I had some numb nut riding beside me the whole way yammering about my cadence. It was a 20-mile ride and I seriously thought of causing him his own little agony of defeat just to shut him up. Cadence, schmadence! I was just out for a ride. Then there was the evening ride through the back roads near Nashville where I was unfamiliar with the route. I couldn’t keep up with the true roadies who rode like they thought they were in the TdF and being the sole mid-pack rider, I ended up lost as dusk was quickly descending. I actually had to stop and wait for the slowpokes to catch up with me so I could get back to the parking lot where we started, hoping all the while I didn’t hear any banjo music. I’ve mostly cycled solo ever since and have never given my cadence a second thought.Purdy Bike

I’ll probably catch up with the highlights of the TdF through the sports section in the newspaper and will most likely be able to remember who wins for all of 30 seconds even though winning is a big deal. Not as big of a deal as Lance Armstrong winning seven, being a cancer survivor and all. I don’t even care that he doped since the probability is high that a lot of the TdF-ers did…and do. In fact, I actually feel bad for Lance having his titles stripped. Maybe not as bad as when they stripped Jim Thorpe of his but if they make a good enough movie about it, I’m sure I could get there. Although I should remember the winner just so I can maintain some sort of credibility as a cyclist even though it has absolutely no relevance to my own cycling. Now if they accompanied the TdF with banjo music…


Author: d2

I ride because it's fun. It's also healthy, good for the environment, and my gas budget but if it wasn’t fun, none of that would matter. It's what gets me on my bike almost every day, even when I'm tired, not feeling my best, or just not in the mood. No other form of "exercise" has equaled it. I used to love to run but I was injury-prone and couldn't do it every day. I certainly couldn't jog down to the store and come home with dinner. Walking is okay but definitely falls around midpoint on the fun scale. I enjoy it, especially when I'm walking with a friend, but am not exhilarated by it. So I ride.

3 thoughts on “You Sure Got a Purdy Bike

  1. “Cadence, schmadence!” – well said indeed 🙂 may I quote you during my next ride, please?

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