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Five Things I’m Loving Right Now

This post is in response to a challenge by Darlene over at My First 5k to blog about 5 things I love right now.
Seriously, I would have taken my bike grocery shopping yesterday except I couldn’t figure out how to stuff 4 bags of groceries in there. Then there was the issue of getting the ice cream home.
Riding the Trails
Can’t get enough of this. Riding the trails is my Zen time for the day…even in the rain.
My Morning Cup of Coffee
Nothing happens before Dee Dee has her cup of coffee!
Everything about My iPad
Including Words with Friends. Okay, wait! It’s my move!
Knitting Socks
Check out my knitting blog, The Hedonistic Knitter to see how out of control this is.
What are the 5 things you’re loving right now? Blog about it and let me know.