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Helmet Hair

Commuting by bike presents one niggling problem for me–helmet hair. While I’m definitely not the most vain person I know, Dee Dee with smooshed, flat hair is rather unbecoming. In fact, back in the 90s when I was wearing my hair shorter than I do now, it wouldn’t hold much of a style and my stepsons started calling me “Hawk” after the character, Hawk in the campy 1990 Buck Rogers TV show. Like most of my many nicknames it stuck, and even now when my hair is flat, Ira is known to say, “pretty good Hawk you’ve got going there.”

Alas, wearing a bicycle helmet almost every day as I do, my “Hawk” makes regular appearances. But I’ve knitted up a solution. Perusing knitting patterns over on Ravelry—a community, organizational tool, and yarn and pattern database for knitters and crocheters— last week, I stumbled across the Cycle Race Beanie by Sandra Jager and knew I just had to have that hat to wear post rides. Hats are du rigeur here in Bellingham, the more…um…interesting the better. And we wear them year round. Now, when the helmet comes off, the hat goes on. Take that Hawk!