High On Bike

A Bellinghamster On Wheels


Saving Gas with Pedal Power

In the short time that I’ve been using my bike more to commute, I’m amazed at how much I’m enjoying it and…how much gas I’m saving. So far this week, I’ve used my bike to get everywhere I’ve needed to go. While that doesn’t include trips with Ira who doesn’t have a bike (and doesn’t want one), the gas savings are adding up. I shouldn’t be that surprised when you think about it. Using my car 4-6 times less each week is pretty significant, particularly when you consider that almost all of my driving occurs in town–a gas guzzling endeavor every time. When you factor in the added exercise and my feeling of well being, it just doesn’t get much better.
This morning I have a doctor’s appointment and it’s a problematic trip by bike so I actually have to take my car. But later I have my knitting group and lunch so you can bet I’ll be on my bike for that trip.


First Commute

Today was my first official commute. Ira spent numerous grueling hours (his back is still sore) getting my bike all tricked out with fenders, lights, rear rack, and a nifty trunk bagthat easily slides onto the rack and can convert to panniers. It can be carried like a purse or bag. So I’m ready and eager to start using my bike more and car less. 
So where did I commute to? Appropriately enough, my knitting group which meets at Apple Yarns down in Barkley Village—about 6 miles round trip by trail. (I could take a shorter route but that would involve more mountain biking skills than I possess and death defying speeds that I have no interest in experiencing.) 
I packed my knitting and a raincoat (it was threatening to rain) in the panniers and headed down the hill. I parked my bike outside the shop (appropriately chained up of course), grabbed a cup of coffee at Starbucks next door, and headed back to Apple to knit for a couple of hours. Then I packed up my knitting, donned my helmet, and pedaled back home. It was awesome. I didn’t even need my raincoat. Tomorrow I’m commuting a bit farther down the trail to get a haircut. I can hardly wait.