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Chicken On Board

There’s not a lot that gives me more of a kick than putting a whole chicken in my panniers, hauling it home, and cooking it on our rotisserie grill. It makes me feel like a total bad ass. Not in the super hot, Mossad-trained-female-assassin-turned-NCIS-agent sort of way but hey, when you look like this…

it’s as close to this…

as I’m gonna get. Especially when picking up said chicken happens after I’ve spent a couple of hours with my knitting group. The other day I was telling my knitting buds that my next stop was at the store for a chicken pick-up. They all thought this was totally cool and hysterical at the same time. One of them suggested that I get a yellow “Chicken on Board” sign to put on my bike. In the Bad Assery department, it would, admittedly, not be as bad ass as having a sign that said “Magnum .357 on Board” but then, if I did have one on board I’d have to dig it out of my panniers first which would make the whole point of having one moot anyway.

Oh man! Once I’ve cooked that chicken up, it tastes totally awesome. Seriously, you haul a 5-6 pound chicken up hill a few miles, along with whatever else you couldn’t resist buying, and see if it’s not the best damn chicken you ever tasted!

Anyway, if you happen to be one of the few moronic drivers in Bellingham who don’t like sharing the road with cyclists, fair warning. DO NOT mess with me when I’m carrying my chicken. I will stab you with my knitting needles.



Helmet Hair

Commuting by bike presents one niggling problem for me–helmet hair. While I’m definitely not the most vain person I know, Dee Dee with smooshed, flat hair is rather unbecoming. In fact, back in the 90s when I was wearing my hair shorter than I do now, it wouldn’t hold much of a style and my stepsons started calling me “Hawk” after the character, Hawk in the campy 1990 Buck Rogers TV show. Like most of my many nicknames it stuck, and even now when my hair is flat, Ira is known to say, “pretty good Hawk you’ve got going there.”

Alas, wearing a bicycle helmet almost every day as I do, my “Hawk” makes regular appearances. But I’ve knitted up a solution. Perusing knitting patterns over on Ravelry—a community, organizational tool, and yarn and pattern database for knitters and crocheters— last week, I stumbled across the Cycle Race Beanie by Sandra Jager and knew I just had to have that hat to wear post rides. Hats are du rigeur here in Bellingham, the more…um…interesting the better. And we wear them year round. Now, when the helmet comes off, the hat goes on. Take that Hawk!


Five Things I’m Loving Right Now

This post is in response to a challenge by Darlene over at My First 5k to blog about 5 things I love right now.
Seriously, I would have taken my bike grocery shopping yesterday except I couldn’t figure out how to stuff 4 bags of groceries in there. Then there was the issue of getting the ice cream home.
Riding the Trails
Can’t get enough of this. Riding the trails is my Zen time for the day…even in the rain.
My Morning Cup of Coffee
Nothing happens before Dee Dee has her cup of coffee!
Everything about My iPad
Including Words with Friends. Okay, wait! It’s my move!
Knitting Socks
Check out my knitting blog, The Hedonistic Knitter to see how out of control this is.
What are the 5 things you’re loving right now? Blog about it and let me know.