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Bare Booties on Bikes? Thanks Butt I’ll Pass

Tomorrow, Friday, June 7th is Bellingham’s Annual Naked Bike Ride part of a world-wide movement that began almost a decade ago that is part activism to promote bicycle-friendly environments, and part protest against fossil fuels with a Mardi Gras-esque atmosphere. Naked, scantily clad, and body-painted riders pedal through town, bringing attention (lots of it I’m sure) to their cause.

Naked Bike Rides
I’m all for anything that promotes cycling and I’m sure this is one terrific attention grabber. But naked? On a bike? To me that’s like grilling naked. Man, you’re just asking for a butt-load of hurt. Literally. I’ll skip the ride. But hey, I’ll be with them in spirit. Maybe I’ll take my clothes off and do a quick run through the house.
The ride starts at 4PM near Astor and I streets, one block from West Holly Street, winds through downtown and “may end up in Fairhaven.” I guess if the Chamois Glide begins to wear off the ride will end sooner.

Time for me to put my padded-shorts, place hind-end on bike, and head on out. I’m also wearing my heavier duty sports bra for good measure.