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Chicken On Board

There’s not a lot that gives me more of a kick than putting a whole chicken in my panniers, hauling it home, and cooking it on our rotisserie grill. It makes me feel like a total bad ass. Not in the super hot, Mossad-trained-female-assassin-turned-NCIS-agent sort of way but hey, when you look like this…

it’s as close to this…

as I’m gonna get. Especially when picking up said chicken happens after I’ve spent a couple of hours with my knitting group. The other day I was telling my knitting buds that my next stop was at the store for a chicken pick-up. They all thought this was totally cool and hysterical at the same time. One of them suggested that I get a yellow “Chicken on Board” sign to put on my bike. In the Bad Assery department, it would, admittedly, not be as bad ass as having a sign that said “Magnum .357 on Board” but then, if I did have one on board I’d have to dig it out of my panniers first which would make the whole point of having one moot anyway.

Oh man! Once I’ve cooked that chicken up, it tastes totally awesome. Seriously, you haul a 5-6 pound chicken up hill a few miles, along with whatever else you couldn’t resist buying, and see if it’s not the best damn chicken you ever tasted!

Anyway, if you happen to be one of the few moronic drivers in Bellingham who don’t like sharing the road with cyclists, fair warning. DO NOT mess with me when I’m carrying my chicken. I will stab you with my knitting needles.



Pedaling Groceries

Happy Cats
Yesterday I decided to run all my errands by bike. After I rode to the gym and worked out, I went to Walker’s Healthy Pets to pick up a package of Greenies for our cats (because if kitties aren’t happy ain’t nobody happy), dropped off Ira’s library book, and went to the grocery store to pick up a few things since friends were coming to dinner that night. Excited to use my trunk bag at full capacity hauling groceries home, I failed to keep in mind that the “few things” mentioned above were the operative words. But in my defense, few is a relative term. I passed on getting a jar of salsa because of the weight but should have given more thought to the bananas and oranges. Still I left the store with fewer than 12 items and even though my panniers were full, it didn’t seem like that much…until I started pedaling home.

GroceriesOnce I hit the slow grade going up, I felt like I was cycling through molasses. Then came the steeper inclines where I used all my lower gears, wishing I had more. Slowly I made my way home, exhausted but psyched about my first shopping expedition by bike. Ira was waiting for me and took the trunk bag off my bike. Shocked by the weight, he laughed and said, “I can’t believe you made it up the hill with that!” I was a little surprised myself and took a badly needed recovery nap. Next time, I’ll be a little more circumspect about loading up the panniers, but there will definitely be a next time.