High On Bike

A Bellinghamster On Wheels



With much if the country baking, I know I shouldn’t complain about the weather, especially living in the Pacific Northwest where the weather is always tenuous at best. But seriously, we just had to close all the windows and turn on the heat. We’ll be lucky if it gets up to 60 today and with the wind and rain, it’s downright cold outside. It’s been this way for days now. Just yesterday I rode in my winter cycling tights and a fleece and I was still cold even taking a hilly route! I cut my ride short because it was so misty out, I couldn’t see through my glasses. We’re used to Junuary but Januly is rare and, well…wrong! Bike and I are staying in today in protest. While there are plenty of chilly rides ahead of us, we’d like a few more rides in the sun!


Then the Sun Came Out

I hadn’t gone for a ride in three days for one reason and one reason and one reason only…rain. I’m no wimp. I don’t mind getting a little wet while riding through a gentle rain or mist, which is the predominant kind of rain we get here. But these last few days we’ve had the kind of driving rain that keeps all but the hardiest (or craziest) people inside. So yesterday morning with thick, gray clouds threatening another deluge, I threw caution to the wind, jumped on my bike, and ran some errands. As ominous as the clouds were, nary a raindrop fell. I was so energized to be on my bike once more that I came home via a beast of a hill to climb just to see if I could do it without dying or (almost as bad) walking my bike up the steep grade. I managed to both survive and stay in the saddle. My quads were a little cranky but they’re whiners anyway. Once home and inside, the sun came out. You win some and then sometimes you don’t but it’s all good!