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July 4th Marks End of Junuary

It happens every year. Somewhere between the middle and end of June, people begin to worry that we won’t have summer in Bellingham. You hear these conversations everywhere, grocery stores, parking lots, knitting groups, you name it. Occasionally, someone like me will pipe up and say that summer doesn’t come to this part of the Pacific Northwest until after July 4th. This isn’t urban legend or and old wives tale, it’s just the way things are. 

This year, summer actually happened on the 4th almost as if someone switched on the sun or switched off the rain, which had been torrential the few days leading up to the holiday.

I took the opportunity (plus the fact that I’m feeling better) to take my bike out for a ride. Ira reminded me that Starbucks was offering free coffee for Independence Day so I decided to ride down, grab a cup, sit outside and enjoy the weather, and then come back home. It was glorious. After being down and out for week over week, it felt great to be back in the saddle. I even made it uphill and back home without too much trouble.
So with Junuary a thing of the past and quite literally a sunny forecast for the foreseeable future, it looks like sweet riding days ahead.


First Commute

Today was my first official commute. Ira spent numerous grueling hours (his back is still sore) getting my bike all tricked out with fenders, lights, rear rack, and a nifty trunk bagthat easily slides onto the rack and can convert to panniers. It can be carried like a purse or bag. So I’m ready and eager to start using my bike more and car less. 
So where did I commute to? Appropriately enough, my knitting group which meets at Apple Yarns down in Barkley Village—about 6 miles round trip by trail. (I could take a shorter route but that would involve more mountain biking skills than I possess and death defying speeds that I have no interest in experiencing.) 
I packed my knitting and a raincoat (it was threatening to rain) in the panniers and headed down the hill. I parked my bike outside the shop (appropriately chained up of course), grabbed a cup of coffee at Starbucks next door, and headed back to Apple to knit for a couple of hours. Then I packed up my knitting, donned my helmet, and pedaled back home. It was awesome. I didn’t even need my raincoat. Tomorrow I’m commuting a bit farther down the trail to get a haircut. I can hardly wait.